World Medicine is a registered UK charity providing acupuncture to people around the world suffering the effects of trauma, disaster and poverty.

We offer humanitarian aid and training where it is most needed, regardless of race, religion, the politics or gender in order to strengthen and support local communities.

Featured Articles

Chaparda, India - December 2015

Chaparda, India - 2015 The December 2015 project trip was the 7th trip for WM and the 3rd year that we have taken a team of six acupuncture practitioners. It was also the 2nd year that we ran a teaching clinic in pain management through ear acupuncture. The trip overall was a huge success in terms of teaching new trainees, 3 out of 5 candidates achieved certification as well as treatment numbers [ ... ]

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Reports From The Field

Thanks to all our fundraisers who did exceptional things to raise funds for World Medicine. Steve Coster did the 50K Ultra Marathon in October 2014. Mike, Andrew, Yvvone, Rachel, Ben, Phil and Jacki [ ... ]

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A short video of Mike Freeman talking about his experience and acupuncture on the Nablus Project.  Mike on Acupuncture in Nablus

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