In the months following the Asian Tsunami of December 2004. The first project went out to Sri Lanka to offer treatments to Tsunami survivors. This initial three-week project was followed by two others in Sri Lanka, during which time we provided thousands of treatments.

  • Mysore– Sean Cleere spent a year at the Odanadi Centre in the Mysore district of India to help the victims of human trafficking that the centre provides a home and support to.
  • Gaza– World Medicine partnered with UHCC, the Union of Health Care Committees, the Palestinian health NGO and we made a number of trips to Gaza. Gaza has been one of the toughest places World Medicine has had a presence in.
  • Hebron– The partner organisation in Hebron ‘Volunteering for World Peace’. We worked with marginalised people from the rural area and those who live in refugee camps in Palestine.
  • Nablus– Smaller projects with the ‘The Mother School’. Was put on hold  due to risks posed by ISIS