Apr 25 2022

Setting up a free-to-user clinic? Things to think about

 Trustee Barbara Robinson takes us through what will be required to set up a free-to-user clinic, using a World Medicine Acupuncture in Action Grant. What will your clinic look like? WM’s experience at Grenfell, Wapping and in India has provided us with a few tips and considerations for setting up and managing clinics such as …

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Feb 5 2022

NADA Training, Sedbergh

In January 2022 World Medicine volunteer Judith Blair ran a NADA training weekend, donating all the proceeds to World Medicine For some, the last weekend of January can be rather dull – the days are still short and the natural inclination is towards hibernation. Not so for the trainees who braved the elements to make …

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Goodbye to 2021 and Welcome to 2022

By Emma Vaughan, Trustee 2021 proved to be another challenging year for almost everyone on the planet. We are still struggling with Covid, conflict and humanitarian crises in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Yemen, Myanmar to name but a few countries, in addition to the threats we, and the planet are facing from environmental damage. It can be …

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Dec 11 2021

JRS Clinic 2021 Report

Jesuit Refugees Service (JRS)/World Medicine (WM) acupuncture clinic – an interim report This is a multi-seated clinic which first opened on 18 August 2021, and operates regularly on Wednesday afternoons following a schedule agreed between JRS and WM.  The goal is to treat refugee friends living in the local community who already visit the JRS …

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Sep 20 2021

NADA fundraising training

NADA TRAINING COURSE September, 2021 saw a group of fifteen student, and recently-graduated acupuncturists and clinic supervisors undertake a three-day fundraising training in the NADA protocol, at the Northern College of Acupuncture, York.  Jude Blair, who organised the event and led the training said, “I have been overwhelmed by people’s generosity. My thanks must go …

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Sep 19 2021

The Refugee Friends Clinic

Clinic organiser Barbara Robinson writes… The JRS clinic at Wapping started 5 weeks ago on 18th August and it has been very well received by refugee friends. It is primarily a seated ear clinic but as our volunteers usually have both body and auricular skills we have also been able to treat any distal musculo-skeletal …

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Aug 30 2021

Yvonne Barr RIP

Mike Freeman, former Chair of Trustees at World Medicine, has written a moving tribute to Yvonne Barr, who recently died. WM is sad to share the news that Yvonne Barr died a few weeks ago. Yvonne was instrumental in saving WM from closing down and along with Graham Bentley, who was seconded from American Express, …

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Aug 8 2021

New Refugee Friends acupuncture clinic

By Barbara Robinson, Trustee New Refugee Friends acupuncture clinic opens 18th August! Nearly there – on 4th August volunteer acupuncturists gathered at the Jesuit Refugee Service* day centre in Wapping to acquaint themselves with the space they will be treating in and to meet Dallya, the JRS Refugee Activities Coordinator. The meeting was heart warming …

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Jun 15 2021


By Phil Montgomery – Phil has taken part in many Chaparda clinics and has recently retired as Trustee of World Medicine. It was my first day back working in the men’s clinic at Jaye Ambe hospital in the rural district of Chaparda, Gujarat. My first patient awaited me. I remembered his face but sadly can’t …

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News From Gujarat

We’ve recently heard from our friends at the Jay Ambe hospital in Chaparda and share this news… The first wave of Covid-19 was relatively benign in India, however, as we have all seen on the news, the second wave ‘Indian variant’ has been devastating with medical services across the country unable to cope and desperately …

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Refugee Community Kitchen

World Medicine will soon begin a new project supporting refugees in London. To mark this new venture for us, our Guest Blog today is written by Sasiki Hubberstey, who, in 2017 was one of hundreds of volunteers who served meals to refugees in the infamous ‘Jungle’ camp in Calais. Sasiki recently made a ‘virtual’ return …

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May 2 2021

Super Skater Steph!

By Emma Vaughan Keeping it in the family, Rafe’s Aunty Steph has also been busy! She recently skated 26 miles during the virtual kiltwalk weekend and raised £809 which means with the extra Hunter foundation contribution an amazing total of £1213. This is fabulous fundraising and again we are hugely grateful. This fundraising effort has …

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May 1 2021

Remarkable Rafe!

By Emma Vaughan Rafe is the 6 year old grandson of Barbara and Dave, with the former being a World Medicine trustee and volunteer. He is indeed a remarkable boy as this is now his second year dedicated to helping fundraise for our charity, and both years he has done it with some style! Considering …

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Apr 29 2021

Kiltwalk 2021

By Emma Vaughan The 23rd of April heralded the start of Scotland’s virtual Kiltwalk challenge ! Over the weekend, Barbara, her husband Dave, daughter Stephanie and 6 year old grandson Rafe plus Emma in Scotland embarked on various walks and in Stephanie’s case skated, yes skated their way on the 26 mile challenge! The weather …

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Mar 24 2021

Graduates Welcome!

For the past few years World Medicine has had an active policy of encouraging new graduates to apply for a volunteer post in our yearly Chaparda project. Although it may seem like a stressful idea to emerge yourself in a demanding multi bed clinic with a big daily caseload, there is something of the “baptism …

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Mar 11 2021

Local Sustainability

Blog post by Emma Vaughan, Trustee of World Medicine The struggles of introducing local sustainability into our work in India. For anyone reading our blogs about World Medicine’s long term project in Chaparda, India, they will certainly get a flavour of the enormous popularity of this project. This is true for our hosts, the community …

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Feb 25 2021

A Spring in your step …

Yes, we are walking again.  Our eagle-eyed observers have commented that most of our fundraising involves walking, and there is a reason for this: its accessible to so many people.  The essence being that it doesn’t have to be an arduous marathon slog over swampy terrain in rubbish weather – all you have to do …

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Feb 23 2021

Emma on 2021

Hello everyone! Although we have been very quiet over recent months, much has been going on behind the scenes as it were! Firstly, we hope that all our friends at World Medicine are safe and well. 2020 was a very difficult year and so far 2021 continues to be challenging. We were unable to continue …

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Jul 3 2020

Gujarati cuisine? Yes please!

A tribute to Sangeeta, our magical cook in Chaparda – by Marta Koszo, Chaparda volunteer 2020 My first encounter with vegetarian Indian cuisine was back in the ‘90s when as a teenager I came across some devotees of the Krishna Consciousness Movement. It was love at first sight. I was blown away by the richness …

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Jun 25 2020


Blog Post by Catherine Watkins, Chaparda 2020 Volunteer I have travelled to India a few times before my time with World Medicine in Chaparda and thought I remembered it well, however when we left the airport at sunrise I realised I had completely forgotten about the bombardment of sights and sounds on your senses!! India is …

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Jun 13 2020

Returning to Chaparda

Blog Post by Sally Connelly, Chaparda 2020 Volunteer At beginning of 2020 I was fortunate enough to embark on my second trip with World Medicine, to Chaparda in Gujurat, India. This year, fully versed in what to expect in terms of accommodation, food and clinic life I was far less trepidatious and was able to …

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May 21 2020

3 for 2!  The 2020 trip to Chaparda

3 for 2!  The 2020 trip to Chaparda, Gujarat,  13th January to 31st January, and onwards …… Blog Post by Barbara Robinson Our hosts in Chaparda have always encouraged the WM team to go more frequently, double up the camps, treat more people. To have a longer camp of 3 weeks was the logical step …

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May 7 2020

Lochgilphead to Chaparda

Emma Vaughan, Chaparda volunteer and World Medicine Trustee, describes her journey… I live and practice Chinese Medicine on the west coast of Scotland. Ordinarily, I would say I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, unscarred by development and with a perfect combination of remoteness and community. However.. when it comes …

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Dec 7 2019

Fundraising Teamwork

In this blog Marta Koszo describes how she raised funds to support what will be her first visit to Chaparda. I first learned about World Medicine and the Chaparda project during my second year of acupuncture studies when I attended the ACMAC conference in 2016. I was amazed at the wonderful work they have been …

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Nov 28 2019

Acupuncture Clinic in Nepal

A guest blog from Gwenan Evans, about a volunteer clinic in Nepal. AcuAid Nepal Project Summary November 2019. My colleague Anna Jolly and myself, both members of the British Acupuncture Council for the past 10 years, are going out to Sindupalchok district in Nepal in March/April 2020 to help establish an acupuncture clinic at a …

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Nov 20 2019

Experience at Grenfell

My Experience at Grenfell Sarah Clifford, one of the volunteers who offers acupuncture to victims and families of the Grenfell Tower fire, reflects on her experience using the NADA Protocol:   The community atmosphere is heartwarming.  Living far from London I am only able to get to the centre once a month; however, after each …

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Nov 13 2019

Chatting About Chaparda

During the October training weekend for Chaparda 2020 four current and former volunteers members of the team, Emma, Alison, Jude and Barbara (behind the camera!) met to talk about the experience of working in Chaparda over the years, and what new volunteers can expect from the experience. It’s just over 8 minutes in length and …

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Nov 6 2019

World Medicine and the Chinese Medicine Forestry Trust

A Guest Blog by Peter Deadman, Director of the Chinese Medicine Forestry Trust, with an Introduction by Emma Vaughan on behalf of the Trustees of World Medicine: It is impossible not to be deeply moved by the distress our planet is in. Climate change is affecting us all and we should and must be alarmed.  …

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Oct 30 2019

NADA Acupuncture at Al Manaar Mosque post Grenfell

To coincide with publication of the first phase of the report into the Grenfell Tower fire, Rachel Peckham, director of the World Medicine project there, reflects on the the work carried out with survivors. *********** NADA Acupuncture at Al Manaar Mosque post Grenfell The unimaginable event that was the Grenfell Tower block fire happened last …

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Sep 1 2019

Fundraising – How We Use What You Give Us

This month, Barbara, Catherine and Emma (supported by Dave, Barbara’s husband!!) all part of Chaparda 2020 team, head to Edinburgh to take on “The Big Stroll” a 15 mile walk through historic Edinburgh. We have been very committed to fundraising through 2019 and this will be the third walk by various combinations of the team …

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Jul 23 2019

Spotlight on World Medicine Translators

Emma Vaughan, one of our Trustees and a volunteer in Chaparda, reflects on working with translators: Our work in India would not be possible without the skill, dedication and patience of our amazing translators. They form an integral part of the team and enable communication between patients and practitioners in a highly skilled and sensitive …

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Jul 1 2019

Reflecting On My Volunteering Experience

Sally Connelly; new graduate volunteer When I initially applied to be considered to join World Medicine on their 2019 trip, I had not yet graduated, nor ever been to India, so both of these possibilities seemed somewhat abstract and very far off events! By the time I set off for Gujurat, I had been in …

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Jun 30 2019

My Trip to India with World Medicine

My Trip to India with World Medicine – Gary Carvill World Medicine is a charity which provides acupuncture around the world to people suffering the effects of trauma, disaster and poverty.  I was delighted when I received their email informing me that I had been selected to be part of their 2019 project in Gujurat, …

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