The Chaparda Challenge

The Chapard Challenge - A Fundraising Project for 2021

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2020 was a very difficult year for all of us, and that continues now into 2021. One of the major sadnesses in all of the sadness we've heard of through the pandemic was the cancellation of our 2021 Chaparda clinic.

It was of course a hard blow for the team of practitioners and translators that were all ready to go out to India but much harder for those who had to forego the treatments we've been able to provide over the past years.

We want them to know they are in our hearts and thoughts, though, so we've decided to connect to them in a practical, if virtual, way - we're going to visit them!

We're planning a virtual journey from our HQ in York, all the way to Chaparda. Some people will walk, some will run, some will cycle, some will swim, some will travel by rowing machine, treadmill or exercise bike! And all this through the wonder of technology and the internet!

A virtual journey is one where teams of people do exercise of one kind or another and then log into a web page where they record the miles they've done. All these miles are added onto a map which shows the progress being made from York to Chaparda as if they were really on that road.

It's a wonderful way to see progress, and a wonderful way to keep the people of Chaparda in our hearts and minds.

For this to be a success we need two things - people to take part, and people to sponsor them. We'd like this to be a fundraiser for World Medicine's work there and elsewhere. Through this 'Chaparda Challenge' we hope to raise money to support our annual clinic there, the Jay Ambe Hospital which hosts us so generously each year, and also our other work in the UK.

Please consider either joining our team or sponsoring our challenge. Please consider taking part; you can walk, cycle, etc as little or much as you want to and can manage - literally, every little effort helps us along the road to our goal of reaching Chaparda.

Thank you, and here's to a successful Chaparda Challenge!

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