Doncaster minster

Week 1

Talk about a flying start! All our teams have been busy this week, with activity for all teams every single day. Well done everyone! As of 5.00 pm on Sunday 11th, a total of 345 miles have been covered, which is fabulous. Standout in that figure have been the peacocks –  192 miles between them! Amazing!

That 192 miles has taken them from Alison’s house in York, following the route of the A1 south and past Leeds, Doncaster, Newark, Grantham, Peterborough, Cambridge, Stansted Airport, and resting tonight on the edge of Epping Forest to the north of London! If Bonnie Prince Charlie and his army had been able to walk south that fast you’d all be Scottish!!

As the peacocks leave behind only dust, all the rest of our teams are very evenly paced, and of course there’s safety in numbers! By the end of week one everyone’s camping out around about Doncaster, home to one of Yorkshire’s many beautiful Minsters, the image at the top of this diary post.

Our Chaparda Challenge will soon have a new challenger – Stuart Robinson will be joining the Wee Monkeys – welcome Stuart! His arrival got me thinking it might be nice for all our challengers to write a little something about themselves – some of you know some others but I don’t suppose there’s anyone who knows everyone! So a little something about yourself might be just the thing to help our team spirit grow even more. Feel free to write something about yourself and send it to me – – and I’ll include it in our diary. Meanwhile, here are some of the images from challengers posted this week… including the FIRST post, from Chloe – trailblazer!!

From Chloe – the first miles recorded!
From Emma – the Crinan Canal
Catherine’s 4 seasons!









Ramadan begins this week and we wish a very happy and blessed season to all of you who are observing Ramadan and taking part in the fast. Don’t do anything overly energetic in regards to  your walking during this time – we need you fit and well for the long haul!

Remember, any contributions to the diary are very welcome indeed.

Well done again to all our challengers, and have a great week ahead. Let’s hope for some sunshine…!