Week 2

Imagine! There has been more distance covered this week than last. Week one the total covered up to Sunday evening was 375 miles, but this week our teams have travelled an amazing and collective 381 miles! Well done to everyone – what an achievement.

Our pace-makers were the first to dip their toes in the water by crossing the English Channel on Thursday. amazingly, and not very widely reported, that was the very same day that the long-forgotten first draft of the Dame Vera Lynn song was found under the floorboard of a house in Hastings – “There’ll be Peacocks over, the White Cliffs of Dover…” What a coincidence!! They made a brief sojourn in France and are spending their first night in Belgium, in the pretty town of Veurne in Flanders, with its lovely market square.


The snow leopards, tigers and wee monkeys are staying close together for comfort and companionship, and are spending Sunday evening in or around Peterborough, which many of us only ever pass through on a train! But by doing so we’re missing a lot.  Our  challengers are seeing the delightful town centre and it’s maybe not too dissimilar to where the peacocks find themselves – what do you think?


Well done again to all of our teams for making such progress in a week. Special mention goes to tiger Marta, who has moved home this week – Marta, welcome to Scotland! For those who don’t know, she’s moved to the beautiful coastal town of Findhorn, east of Inverness, with gorgeous long and sandy beaches – no hardship to walk there in any weather, so there’s going to be a tiger in the tank of team tiger (apologies to anyone under 50 who may not get that reference! Here’s an explanation…).

This week, even with so many miles covered, the trustees of World Medicine Alison, Barbara Emma and Najma managed to take time out to have their monthly Trustees meeting, taking the chance to plan for the Chaparda Clinic 2022, all being well. They’ve also been planning the new Refugee Friends project in London and have spent a lot of time getting updates ready for the website, all of which are now posted. So take a look around the site to see the changes.

As ever, the projects depend on volunteers, so pass the word to friends and colleagues to encourage them to become part of the fabulous team that is World Medicine.

Keep in mind too that a major part of the Chaparda Challenge is to raise some funds to help us do our work more effectively, so please don’t be shy about asking friends and family to sponsor you. It’s not money for you, it’s for patients in India and refugees in East London. Everyone has a dedicated fundraising page so feel free to point people there.

As ever, any contributions to the diary page would be appreciated so please share your Challenge journeys with everyone else by sending stories, photos, etc to Chris at webmaster@worldmedicine.org.uk

Enjoy the week ahead and thanks for all you’ve done this week!