Week 27

The diary will be short and sweet this week, I’m afraid, as I’ve been suffering from that so-called ‘worst cold ever‘ that appears to be affecting thousands of people at the moment. I played rugby for over 20 years and I can honestly say my body has never felt so bashed as it’s been by this thing! I thought of dragging myself off to see Emma for acupuncture but she’s over two hours away and I’d be very sorry if she subsequently caught it from me – she’d MAKE ME very sorry!!

So I’m just going to stay under the blanket and write up a few highlights, saving the detail for the next diary.

Of most note for the week is the fact that the wee monkeys have now leap-frogged the snow leopards and are currently 60 miles ahead of them in northern Iran. But 3,200 miles into the journey that distance of 60 miles is nothing and I expect to see a good bit more back and forth between these two teams.

Another major achievement for the week is the fact that the peacocks are now crossing into the final third of the journey. They’ve completed 3,791 miles as of this weekend, and have 1,895 to go, so are very much on the downward stretch. Congratulations to the team, and keep motivated…!

There have been a few comments on the WhatsApp group that people are struggling to log in to the Mission App in order to record their miles. You’ll all have seen that the App and website have had a bit of a facelift and that seems to be where the problems come from. I’d recommend going on to a web page on a PC and opening the site  to see if you can log in there. On the top right of the page you’ll see a box that says ‘LOG IN’ if you are not already logged in, or one that says ‘MY MISSIONS’ if you are logged in already.

Scroll down the page to below the mission map and you’ll see a section on the left called ‘Post a Distance’. this is where you can manually add miles, plus add photographs, comments, etc.

If you’ve tried this and still cannot get logged in then let me know by e-mail or WhatsApp and I’ll take a closer look.

We’ve added 336 mile in total this week but I’m guessing the problems with logging in have something to do with that – fingers crossed for   a spurt of energy next time! Nothing added to the fundraising unfortunately, so some autumn resolution is required!