Week 5

Congratulations to all of our walkers – undaunted by Brexit you’ve now all left Blighty behind you and are at various points of your journey through Europe! What an achievement in 5 weeks, to have walked pretty much the length of England. Well done everyone, and take a moment to reflect on what a great team effort that has been.

Added together our walker have completed, to date, an amazing 1703 miles!

A baby rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) plays with a tiger cub at a zoo in Hefei

The wee monkeys and tigers are on now on the ferry from Dover to Calais (but you can’t take it easy – the distance still has to be walked!). You’ve been true partners on this Chaparda Challenge because your two teams have kept pace with each other throughout the journey so far, and are separated by only a few hundred yards at the moment. That’s fantastic. The bible talks about a wonderful time of harmony when the lion will lie down with the lamb, but I don’t think it says anything about when the tiger walks alongside the wee monkey! But it’s just as harmonious!


Calais Monument_2The snow leopards are a shade ahead of the tigers and wee monkeys, having already reached Calais, and they’re now heading through the town towards the countryside of Northern France, bound for the Belgian border. If they wanted to have a little pause before setting off perhaps they visited the monument to Churchill and De Gaulle in Parc Richelieu, in the centre of the town.

Meanwhile, still setting an amazing pace are the peacocks, now making haste through Germany, and having reached Bavaria, the part of Germany famed for beauty and culture. As of this evening they find themselves just outside the town of Geiselwind, and I wonder if they took some time off yesterday to enjoy the cultural delights of Freizeit-Land Geiselwind? I’d love to see those photographs! You’ll need to click the link to see what I’m referring to… Trying to picture Emma and Dave joining in these cultural activities… hmmm.

e24d4ed7-0d9a-4424-bed5-d957e62d7d57This week we’ve had the bitter-sweet news from the Jay Ambe Hospital about the increased number of new cases of coronavirus, but alongside that the encouraging news that they have just taken delivery of an oxygen generator, thanks in some part to the financial contribution World Medicine were able to make to the hospital. We’re proud to be part of something so vital and life-giving – literally – and it’s all the more special for us because no doubt some of the patients who will be helped by this are patients we also treat on our visits there. It makes this Chaparda Challenge all the more poignant and vital.

We received some new Chaparda Challenge donations this week- a further £300, which brings our total raised to date to £649 – thanks so much to all donors, and do, please, keep encouraging your friends and family to contribute, and point them to our donations page if you can.

Have a great week ahead – vive la France, and whatever they say in Bavaria!