Week 6

R-shutterstock-1219762903-2Well, Vive La France didn’t last long – Only the wee monkeys hung around in France – visiting the beautiful beaches of Dunkirk no doubt. But they’re in Belgium now, thanks to a big effort by Amir.

The tigers briefly parted company with the wee monkeys, but they’re catching up with each other again – what are friends for, eh?! So that’s them both now into Flanders, where it’s nice and flat and easy to walk.

bruges-destination-guide-canalAnd the snow leopards – well, they’ve had a bit of a boost this week. Two new members of the team, Mike Freeman and Andrew Harvey, joining in the Challenge from Australia. Welcome Mike and Andrew, and thanks for taking part. How about a few words of introduction so the others get to know a bit about you both? In your first week you’ve clocked up 70 miles between you – Strewth! Blimey! Ripper! Sorry, that’s about all the Aussie I can manage…. Methinks you’re not dealing with as many showers and cold snaps as we have to over here in the UK! With this new energy the snow leopards are already well past Brugge, but it doesn’t look like you’ve been hanging around to enjoy the sights – which is a pity, since Brugge is a stunningly beautiful town, one of my favourite places.

48db05ed-087a-84f2-535f-3d511154ed9d-6Speaking of stunningly beautiful towns, the peacocks have passed through two in Bavaria since we last heard about them – Nuremberg and Regensburg. Two medieval cities, but with very different stories to tell. On January 2nd 1945, 90% of Nuremberg was completely destroyed in only 1 hour of bombing raids by the British and Americans. After the war they took the decision to rebuilt much of their medieval heritage and today it’s a strikingly beautiful place to visit. Regensburg, another medieval city, was largely untouched during the war and has a wonderful university and a glorious city centre, unspoilt over centuries. And… they have very famous…. SAUSAGES! They’ve a sausage kitchen that is 870 years old! I presume the sausages are a bit younger than that, though. Not only sausages – Regensburg happens to also be the most northerly point of the Beautiful Blue Danube – cue the orchestras, ballgowns, white ties and coat tails. But can any of the peacocks manage more than a disco shimmy, I wonder? Video evidence, please.

So you’re all progressing along very nicely, and well done to all our teams. This week you’ve collectively covered over 337 miles and raised another £95. Thank you to all our donors and do keep the donations ticking over like this. It’s great.

Have a good week ahead – not too many sausages, though! And thanks to the staff of the “Historic Sausage Kitchen of Regensburg” for our featured image at the top of the page.