Week 7

Jet Propelled Monkeys

Whatever those wee monkeys have been taking, I want some of it! From sunning themselves on the beach in Dunkirk this time last week they’ve crossed the whole of Belgium in seven days and are now in Germany – das ist wunderbar! Though one might want to ask what they have against Belgium, that they didn’t spend any time there? Not fans of the moules-frites I suppose! No doubt they spurned Alison’s invitation to tea in Brussels – on too much of a mission to stop for tea I guess! Of course the wee monkeys do have a secret weapon – Sofie Robinson joined the team on Tuesday 18th and has already covered 33 miles on her exercise bike. Welcome Sofie – thanks for taking part and helping the wee monkeys along the road. Let’s not forget Amir either, who is clocking up enormous distances pounding round London. Living in the Highlands I always think you should get double points if you can cope with London! But sorry, Amir, I can’t give them to you…

The snow leopards have also made fabulous progress, spurred on by the boys down under, and are spending tonight not far from Liege, a very pretty city as you’ll see from the photo at the top of the diary. The Belgian tourism board calls Liege ‘a fiery city that never sleeps‘ – oh my! I hope you all behave yourselves and remember that snow leopards are very shy and don’t like crowds!

7087The tigers are, well…., prowling rather than zipping along, and why not? Let’s not forget that they have only 4 in their team – the smallest team we have in the Challenge, so don’t be put off, dear tigers. You’ll be roaring soon enough (do tigers roar, or am I confusing them with lions?). OK, just googled it: ” Tigers generally only roar at other tigers. It’s part of a tiger’s communication system.” Tigers – who’s your roarer-in-chief? Anyway, you’re enjoying the delights of Ghent tonight, so have fun. Strange to say, Ghent has what is described as the world’s most stolen piece of art – the Ghent Altarpiece. Don’t embarrass the team by giving it a go yourselves…

The peacocks continue to set a fierce pace and are now strutting their way through Austria. They’ll spend tonight in Vienna but let’s hope, unlike how it was for Ultravox, that it means something to them. (am I showing my age?). We cater to all tastes in this diary, though so just in case Ultravox is not to your liking, you may prefer the Vienna Boys Choir. Or, getting into the mood this Eurovision Song Contest weekend, head back to 2014 and Conchita Wurst (though it turns out he was the best).

So, well done as ever to all of our Chaparda Challengers – this week, as of 6.00 pm Sunday, you’ve clocked up an amazing 477 miles between you, and the distance covered in the last 7 weeks by our 4 teams is 2,517 miles. this week we’ve also added £105 to our fundraising target, bringing the total raised to £848. Don’t forget to point your family and friends to our fundraising page on the website, and why not do a little push for donations on your social media? Here’s the link.

31483308_1532161235724866_rSpeaking of the website we have two excellent blog posts this week, one from Sasiki of team snow leopards, recalling her time volunteering in the Refugee Community Kitchen in Calais, and one from Barbara of team wee monkeys, updating us on the oxygen generator in Chaparda. Read all our blogs here.

If you have miles that are not yet recorded on the Chaparda Challenge Mission page could you get your details up to date this week please?  It’s good to have an accurate record. If you’re adding a lot of miles in one go perhaps also leave a note in the ‘Comments and Updates’ section  so people don’t worry about you having a heart attack brought on by over-exertion!

Have a great week ahead, and thanks again for all you are doing for the Chaparda Challenge.