On this page we will highlight the projects that require specific funding, and also the volunteers who are fundraising so they can become members of our teams in India and elsewhere.

One idea that has been raised is for practitioners to introduce a “ PAY IT FORWARD “ or "get one, give one" scheme. This involves a practitioner sharing with their patients their desire to support World Medicine and asking patients to make a small voluntary donation in addition to their normal fee, in order to contribute to the treatment costs of patients who benefit from our projects. Hopefully, these regular, small donations will add up into a significant amount!

We have estimated the cost of a six-session treatment for a patient in India to be just under £25, so our hope is that we can encourage our own patients here at home to contribute to that cost. For example, if a treatment is £45 our patient may in fact give £65, to provide those 5 sessions in India.

If anyone reading this page has any ideas to help us with fundraising please do get in touch!