Acupuncture in Action Grants - Terms and Conditions

Grant amount: the amount awarded will be determined by the trustees of World Medicine in line with information received which accurately costs the project. The maximum grant approved for a single project will be £2000.

Grant Payment and Reporting: The Trustees will approve an initial payment of 50% of the grant awarded to correspond with the launch of the project. The remaining payment will be made 12 weeks after the start date of the project subject to a project report submission to the trustees using template provided by World Medicine. This must demonstrate meaningful progress of the project targets or milestones.

If meaningful progress has not been made the report should clearly outline the issues which are presenting and offer an explanation of how these issues are being addressed.

A further brief report will be asked for 9 months after the launch of the project. If the project has been dissolved before this time we ask to be informed immediately. You will not be expected to pay back the grant but may be excluded from applying for subsequent grants in the future. If your project is demonstrating sustainability and perhaps growth, you may apply for a further grant in the next financial year. The success of this application will be dependant on the trustees approval.

Project description and use of Funds: World medicine is awarding you this grant in order for you to deliver the project…………………………….as stated in the application.

You may not use the funds for ANY other purpose other than the stated project. The grant MUST NOT be used to contribute to the salary of any volunteers associated with the project. The sole purpose of the grant is to provide financial assistance with the material aspect of the project. E.g Rental costs of space, equipment. We will accept that some of the grant may be used to pay reasonable expenses such as travel. We would not expect this to cover the costs of meals, accommodation etc.

You may not use the grant to reimburse any expenses incurred prior to the start date of the project.

World Medicine reserve the right to request any portion of funds used in material breach of this arrangement to be repaid.

Accounting summary: World Medicine will require evidence of costs of project. We will accept photocopies of receipts for equipment, travel expenses

etc. This will be required at week 12 before the release of the additional funds. We will ask for a further summary at month 9.

Responsibility for Self and Others: you are responsible for all aspects of safely running your project. You must ensure due diligence in compliance with local regulations and laws in relationship to your project and have adequate insurance. You are responsible for anyone associated with the project and must ensure any volunteers you recruit to help you run your project are similarly insured and are able to competently engage with the duties you ask of them. You are responsible for any equipment and its subsequent safe disposal.

Return of Funds: Any grant monies that have not been used for or committed to the project must be returned to World Medicine promptly. We reserve the right to request funds back if the Trustees are dissatisfied with compliance in relationship to our stated terms.

Record keeping: You will be required to keep reasonable and accurate records on all relevant aspects of your project in order to access the full grant amount awarded.

Project profile: By accepting this grant from World medicine we require a recognition that we may choose to mention our support of your project on a public domain, such as our website. Our preference is that you would endeavour to write a short piece yourself in blog form describing your project.. at some unspecified point. If we do choose to acknowledge support of your project in written form, we will send a draft to you for your approval prior to publishing.