Acupuncture in Action Grants

World medicine would like to invite either individual or groups of acupuncturists to apply for one of our PROJECT grants. Each grant is worth up to £2000 and is available to support EITHER the implementation of a new project OR to support the maintenance/expansion of an established project which offers acupuncture to areas of the community with a specific need.

In line with our ethos, the project must be non profit making and demonstrate a clear purpose in improving the health of people in your community who are compromised by poverty, social disadvantage, conflict or trauma.

Examples of such projects are the Grenfell project, where a group of acupuncturists responded to the trauma experienced by the survivors of the Grenfell disaster in 2017 by setting up an acupuncture clinic to help treat PTSD. Another ongoing project, is one set up by ourselves in Wapping, London - the Refugee Friends Project - which offers weekly acupuncture sessions to primarily Syrian refugees.

It is very much our hope that there are other acupuncturists throughout the UK who are thinking about starting similar projects in their communities, who have identified a need and who perhaps need a little support to launch. If so, we would love to hear from you.

To enquire about an ACUPUNCTURE in ACTION grant, please send an email to with a BRIEF outline of your project idea. We will then invite you to submit a formal application for a grant in line with the terms and conditions.

At the Grenfell Clinic in 'The Space'
At the Grenfell Clinic in 'The Space'
The Refugee Friends Project in Wapping