Nada Training Day

NADA Weekend, July 2022


The NADA protocol was originally developed in the 1970s as a way of supporting other treatments for drug and alcohol withdrawal and rehabilitation. Stimulating five points on the outer ear with the insertion of needles, or application of ear seeds, helps to increase the body’s production of endorphins, whilst lowering the response to stress and increasing relaxation. Today, in addition to its use in addiction units, the NADA protocol is used as an adjunctive, supportive therapy in a wide variety of settings, including with people who have been traumatised by war or natural or man-made disasters; people undergoing treatment for cancer; mental health settings and more. It is little wonder that taking the NADA training is becoming increasingly popular with acupuncturists and other complementary therapists.

Picture1In July, 2022 another NADA training took place at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York. Trainees and people who were undertaking the ‘refresher’ course all applied themselves with enthusiasm to immerse themselves in learning and gaining new skills or practicing their technique. Everyone was incredibly supportive of the teaching team and each other. I was humbled and impressed by the stories from NADA practitioners of how this simple, but effective protocol had helped as part of the support for people with whom they had come into contact, in their work. Thank you all, for your hard work and diligence – on the hottest weekend of the year! – for making the whole weekend so successful and enjoyable and for your much appreciated donations to World Medicine.Picture2

I was also blown away by people’s openhearted kindness and generosity. My special thanks must go to all the assistants – Janet and Teresa, who worked tirelessly for all four days and Kath, Jacqueline, Michele, Hayley, Liz and Sarah who supported the trainees and freely shared their knowledge and skills. The directors of NADA GB have been hugely supportive of this event, so thanks must go to them, too. Once again, there was an anonymous donor who undertook all the printing of the learning materials and whose work and generosity is very much appreciated. Thanks too, must go to Richard Blackwell, Principal of the NCA for kindly allowing us to use space in the College and to the Practitioner Hub team and NCA staff who dealt with all the bookings, endless admin and making sure the rooms were clean and in good order and also for supporting the weekend with providing much needed refreshments. It was the hottest weekend of the year!

Thank you to everyone – it couldn’t have happened without you!

jude x