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On this page we'll have news about the work of World Medicine, where we can showcase acupuncture in action, and also our supporters in action, helping us achieve our goal of providing acupuncture to people around the world suffering the effects of trauma, disaster and poverty. We will also highlight some of our vital fundraising efforts, that make it possible to do what we do.

Phil Retires as a Trustee

Sadly, on Friday 12th March we accepted Phil Montgomery’s resignation as a trustee from World Medicine. Happily, we are delighted to tell you that Phil will very much remain a firm friend of World Medicine and will no doubt volunteer for us on projects many times yet! We certainly hope so! He's even taking part in our Chaparda Challenge! You can sponsor him here.

Phil has been a fantastic asset to World Medicine over the years, leading 3 trips to Chaparda and serving as a trustee since 2016. He has a forthright, pragmatic style, which is reflected in his many years experience in construction and business development. His career change to one of acupuncturist has been incredibly successful and as well as running his own busy practice, Phil teaches at the Northern College of Acupuncture as well. He has been a joy to work with, particularly in India. He has a natural empathy, a confidence in his clinical approach balanced with a healthy dose of good humour which makes for a great practitioner. Most of all, Phil’s capacity for genuine friendship has touched many of us. We will miss him greatly and would like to thank him for his commitment to World Medicine over the years. We wish him the very best for the future and look forward to working with him again when the time is right.

We are also quite certain he owes us a round of drinks!!!

Some Photographs of Phil

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Departed Friends ...


In January 2020, when we arrived at the ashram to begin our acupuncture camp we were deeply shocked and saddened to learn that our dear friend Chandrabhai had passed away. He was a wonderful man who looked after us at the ashram with good humour, kindness and patience! Chandrabhai was always one of the first faces we would see on arrival in Chaparda and he would almost be as excited as us as he effortlessly carted our heavy bags up the stairs and got us all organised. He was utterly reliable and diligent in his work, keeping all ashram guests supplied with water, spare lightbulbs and providing the most amazing laundry service that many of us had ever experienced! Chandrabhai was literally our go to man for everything. He fixed sunglasses, shoes, dripping taps and everything in between. He was a true friend to many world medicine volunteers over the past few years and to say that we were heartbroken to learn of his death is not an exaggeration. People like Chandrabhai help shape the experiences of our time in Chaparda and for that we will always be both humbled and grateful.

We will miss him greatly.

Ramesh & Krishangi Shah

It is with a very heavy heart that we must also inform you of the sad news of the passing of our dear friend Ramesh Shah. (Covid-19). Ramesh had volunteered with us as a translator for the Chaparda project in both 2018 and 2019 along with his wife, Krishangi. May his soul rest in peace!

We would like to convey our deepest condolences to his wife,Krishangi, his family and friends.

Phil Montgomery adds the following:

I worked alongside Ramesh in the male acupuncture clinic at Jayambe Hospital in Chaparda in 2018 and 2019. He assisted me as a translator and we became friends.

Ramesh worked very hard in the clinic always keen to help and go the extra mile. He demonstrated a firm kindness with the patients tackling his role with diligence and a light touch of humour that was always appreciated. Overall he was a gentleman and an absolute pleasure to be around. All of World Medicine will miss him and I will hold fond memories of my time with him. I wish my condolences to Krishangi and his family and friends.

Ramesh and Krishangi Shah with the World Medicine Team in 2018 (click the photo for a larger image)

Fantastic news!

The fabulous World Medicine team along with supportive friends, family and well wishers have raised in excess of £7750 during their recent virtual kiltwalk weekend at the beginning of July. This final sum reflects the contribution from the Hunter Foundation which matched our own efforts by a 100%, in other words doubling our total. We were absolutely thrilled with this support, especially given the difficulty of trying to fundraise during a pandemic that has caused much hardship and uncertainty for so many.

Our weekend was really amazing, with walks going on all over the UK. There were 9 separate walks, including beautiful city walks ( Marta), soggy and hilly walks, ( Stephanie and Fin), really LONG walks .... Dave!, dawn walks, ( Jude and Eleanor) and tiny leg walks( Rafe!) to mention a few. We walked in Wales, Scotland and England, and covered all sorts of terrain. It was a joyous time in many ways and bought us together ( virtually ) in our collective desire to support World Medicine.

Enjoy our photo board and videos to give a flavour of our weekend (coming soon...!)

Thank you to all our amazing sponsors who support our charity so generously and a huge thank you to The Hunter Foundation for helping us go the extra mile!


Fundraising 2019 - 2020

Firstly we would like to acknowledge each and every contributor to World Medicine fundraising efforts. It was a really good team raising effort last year, combining various walks, bake sales ( thank you Carol!) pay it forward schemes with patients and also Marta’s fantastic treatment day. You can read about many of these events on the related blogs. We also had individual donations and feel we must mention Wessex Acupuncture in particular who gifted us a very generous donation. Last year we raised a total of £5570.74 which we were delighted with and as always are deeply grateful for the generosity of our supporters.

This is Carol, Phil’s lovely mother in law, who has been a prolific baker, helping to raise money for World Medicine for several years! Thank you Carol... and Deb, Phil’s long suffering wife!

2020 has set us a fresh challenge as some of our important fundraising activities have been curtailed due to the restrictions in place necessitated by the current pandemic.

In April Barbara, Jude and Emma had registered for the Glasgow kiltwalk and indeed fundraising had begun. However the event was cancelled but incredibly the kiltwalk organisers honoured all of the funds that had been raised and in fact doubled the funds at the request of Tom Hunter, the Kiltwalk’s main sponsor, meaning that we have just received a donation of £770 from them. Like many small charities, this generous gesture means a great deal to us and will enable us to keep our projects afloat.

A second endurance walk had been planned in May, but this has also been cancelled. Our sense is that neither walk will be rescheduled in 2020.

This year we will need to think creatively about how to raise funds. One idea is for practitioners to introduce a “ PAY IT FORWARD “ scheme. This involves practitioner sharing with their patients their involvement with World Medicine... Emma is creating a poster that can be shared with other practitioners, that will be in her clinic. The idea is that patients will be asked to make a small voluntary donation in addition to their normal fee, in order to contribute to the treatment costs of patients who benefit from our projects. Hopefully, these regular, small donations will add up into a significant amount! However, given that our profession is at a standstill at present this is also not an easy option.

If any of our followers have good ideas for fundraising in this current climate please do get in touch!

Meanwhile, we will endeavour to keep fit and active so that when we do get the opportunity to walk again we will be seizing the challenge with relish and not dread!!