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On this page we'll have news about the work of World Medicine, where we can showcase acupuncture in action, and also our supporters in action, helping us achieve our goal of providing acupuncture to people around the world suffering the effects of trauma, disaster and poverty.

Fundraising 2019 - 2020

Firstly we would like to acknowledge each and every contributor to World Medicine fundraising efforts. It was a really good team raising effort last year, combining various walks, bake sales ( thank you Carol!) pay it forward schemes with patients and also Marta’s fantastic treatment day. You can read about many of these events on the related blogs. We also had individual donations and feel we must mention Wessex Acupuncture in particular who gifted us a very generous donation. Last year we raised a total of £5570.74 which we were delighted with and as always are deeply grateful for the generosity of our supporters.

This is Carol, Phil’s lovely mother in law, who has been a prolific baker, helping to raise money for World Medicine for several years! Thank you Carol... and Deb, Phil’s long suffering wife!

2020 has set us a fresh challenge as some of our important fundraising activities have been curtailed due to the restrictions in place necessitated by the current pandemic.

In April Barbara, Jude and Emma had registered for the Glasgow kiltwalk and indeed fundraising had begun. However the event was cancelled but incredibly the kiltwalk organisers honoured all of the funds that had been raised and in fact doubled the funds at the request of Tom Hunter, the Kiltwalk’s main sponsor, meaning that we have just received a donation of £770 from them. Like many small charities, this generous gesture means a great deal to us and will enable us to keep our projects afloat.

A second endurance walk had been planned in May, but this has also been cancelled. Our sense is that neither walk will be rescheduled in 2020.

This year we will need to think creatively about how to raise funds. One idea is for practitioners to introduce a “ PAY IT FORWARD “ scheme. This involves practitioner sharing with their patients their involvement with World Medicine... Emma is creating a poster that can be shared with other practitioners, that will be in her clinic. The idea is that patients will be asked to make a small voluntary donation in addition to their normal fee, in order to contribute to the treatment costs of patients who benefit from our projects. Hopefully, these regular, small donations will add up into a significant amount! However, given that our profession is at a standstill at present this is also not an easy option.

If any of our followers have good ideas for fundraising in this current climate please do get in touch!

Meanwhile, we will endeavour to keep fit and active so that when we do get the opportunity to walk again we will be seizing the challenge with relish and not dread!!

The Edinburgh Kiltwalk 2019