Past Projects

In the months following the Asian Tsunami of December 2004. The first project went out to Sri Lanka to offer treatments to Tsunami survivors. This initial three-week project was followed by two others in Sri Lanka, during which time we provided thousands of treatments.

  • Mysore– Sean Cleere spent a year at the Odanadi Centre in the Mysore district of India to help the victims of human trafficking that the centre provides a home and support to.
  • Gaza– World Medicine partnered with UHCC, the Union of Health Care Committees, the Palestinian health NGO and we made a number of trips to Gaza. Gaza has been one of the toughest places World Medicine has had a presence in.
  • Hebron– The partner organisation in Hebron ‘Volunteering for World Peace’. We worked with marginalised people from the rural area and those who live in refugee camps in Palestine.
  • Nablus– Smaller projects with the ‘The Mother School’. Stopped due to risks posed by ISIS

World Medicine

After becoming known as World Medicine our main projects in the following years were the annual clinic held over two weeks in Chaparda, India.

Each year we have recorded the project through memories, blogs, and more recently, through data analysis.

To read these reports and to see the data, click below:

Data Analysis for Chaparda 2019

Data Analysis for Chaparda 2017

Recollections of Chaparda 2016

Recollections of Chaparda 2015

Recollections of Chaparda 2014

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