Start A Project

World Medicine (WM) welcomes proposals for new projects in the UK or abroad.

A strict protocol is required to be followed in order for the Trustees to assess any risks, safety and necessity to support patients and the community concerned.  World Medicine also requires a strong bond with a Host organisation who will support our practitioners by hosting them at a suitable venue / clinic, supply / recommend interpreters and suggest / offer accommodation and acclimatise our team and co-ordinate with us to enable a successful project.

Each proposal and funding will be looked at on its own merits but a uniform procedure is mandatory.

The following is a guideline of the initial stages prior to volunteer recruitment and is subject to alteration depending on the proposed project.

  •  WM is contacted with a potentially suitable project and discussion initiated
  • A completed proposal form is received. This Includes costs & requirements
  • WM Trustees discuss proposal
  • A meeting is held between Trustees and person proposing the project
  • A meeting is held with all parties including the Host (if possible)
  • WM agree/disagrees to do an initial reconnaissance (with Trustee)
  • Discussion is held regarding appointing a Team Leader
  • Suitable date is confirmed, announcements are made to recruit volunteers
  • Fund raising is supported and required
  • Pre-trip training day is obligatory
  • All procedures and protocols / documentation are read, signed and agreed

The proposer may or may not wish to become the Project Leader. If they would like the position, they are then assessed to see if they meet the criteria. If they do not want the position, interviews will take place. It is likely that a qualified Team Leader will be appointed to accompany the proposer on the first trip, this will be to assist and train them, if necessary.

Provision of Funds for new projects will only be considered once the groundwork has been done, the feasibility of the project has been guaranteed and the project is brought to WM in the relevant proposal form to be considered and agreed by all the Trustees.

With all the above said, no intention is made to hinder potential projects, only to ensure they are handled correctly and all ethical issues evaluated.

Download a new project proposal form here.