Chaparda Project, Gujarat, India

We have had an on-going programme in Gujarat, India for many years now,  working with our host organisation Health Aid Trust.

We offer acupuncture treatments to hundreds of people in this rural community. Our team of volunteers include translators and practitioners.

World  Medicine has participated in this project annually for several years now and 2020 saw a team heading there for a 3 week working trip.

Over past years we have worked in the hospital for 2 weeks but have increased the duration of our trip to both meet demand and make our trip more sustainable in the long term.

Please check our website regularly for up to date blogs which describe our work in Chaparda.

The outcomes recorded from our work there are impressive with 76% receiving 3 or more treatments ( a variable that had been identified as key to positive outcomes) and 83% showing improvements of 50% or more, with 25% completely better!

We are always open to applications from  more experienced practitioners and know you will find it a valuable and enjoyable way of using your skills to help a very deprived community.

The project was started in 2010 and over the years we have treated thousands of people and trained hospital staff. Look at the statistics below to see the practical effect of our work.

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To make a donation to help our work, or support one of our volunteers to enable them to get to Chaparda, please visit our Support Us page.