Chaparda Project, Gujarat, India

We have had an on-going programme in Gujarat, India for many years now,  working with our host organisation BEHT and Health Aid Trust.

We offer acupuncture treatments to hundreds of people in this rural community. This project is hosted by the Health Aid Trust and supported by BEHT. Our team of volunteers include translators and practitioners.

World Medicine has adopted this project as an annual two-week trip, working at the Jay Ambe Hospital, Visavadar, Junagadh, Chaparda.

In January we completed another 2 week intensive ‘camp’ with a group of 4 experienced acupuncture practitioners and 2 new graduates. The team was admirably supported as ever by our translators and the hospital staff.

As usual the team worked immensely hard and treated an amazing 379 patients giving 1216 treatments! As travel complications restricted the number of days work this year this was even more impressive.

There's a table at the foot of this page where you can see an illustration of the treatments we have given in this and recent years.

The outcomes recorded were also impressive with 76% receiving 3 or more treatments ( a variable that had been identified as key to positive outcomes) and 83% showing improvements of 50% or more, with 25% completely better!

This year we plan to do a follow up survey to check how well these results hold at 6 months.

Changes for the next camp, already begin planned, are to go for 3 weeks with an option for volunteers to do just 2 if necessary. Dates for 2020 will be in January again.

The addition of 2 new graduates to the team was a great success, and this will be repeated for 2020 with recruitment already underway. Their experiences are shared on our blog page and we hope this will encourage more applications.

We are also open to applications from  more experienced practitioners and know you will find it a valuable and enjoyable way of using your skills to help a very deprived community.

The project was started in 2010 and over the years we have treated thousands of people and trained hospital staff. Look at the statistics below to see the practical effect of our work.

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Treatments given in Chaparda



Treatments Given


Treatments Given


Treatments Given, including 502 Auricular treatments


Treatments Given